Peculiar Piercings

“North East School District enforces the piercing rule so hard, because they don’t want a lot kids getting distracted by the many piercing other kids have. So that’s why we have to enforce this rule.” Mr. Crowe explains.
According to a recent poll 83 out of 90 kids in Garner Middle School disagree with the piercing rule that states that you are only allowed to wear piercings in your ears. Some kids think that the piercing rule is unfair and that we should be allowed to pierce where ever we want. Caitlin Kingsley (8) says to me, “They should be allowed, because it’s not on the administrator’s body, it’s our body. I think if they allowed them on our ears they should allow them anywhere else.” Layla Abdallah (7) says, “I don’t think its right, because it’s a way to express yourself, if I could change this rule you would be allowed to wear them anywhere you want.”
Other students agree with the rule, though.  Arthur (6) explains, “I think that we should only wear them in our ears and not in our nose and stuff, because people look weird when they do that stuff. I don’t think we should be allowed to wear them anywhere we want, because if someone has a piercing in the belly button and they get into an accident they could get hurt badly.” The state of Texas says you cannot go get a piercing, even including your ears, unless you are 18 or you have parental consent. Perhaps, due to the fact that some students may get hurt and some students do get distracted by too many piercings you have on your ears, your lips, your eye brows, your nose, your belly button, and anywhere else, this rule may never change in the North East School District.

By:Courtney Davis

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30 thoughts on “Peculiar Piercings

  1. Ms. Rocheleau’s 1st period class thinks peircings are a visual expression of their personalities.

  2. I think you should be able to wear peircings anywhere you want because you are expressing yourself.

  3. You should only wear piercings on your ears and nowhere else. If it doesn’t look good on you, don’t wear it.

  4. I think it shouldn’t matter where your piercings are. If a student has a piercing anywhere besides their ears it shouldn’t matter.

  5. We should be able to have piercings because we put the holes in our faces and it’s OUR choice!

  6. I think piercings shouldn’t be in your face its just weird

  7. i think that we should be able to pierce where ever we want its our body and we should be able to do what we want with it

  8. I like this article b/c we should be able to have piercings at school. It’s our bodys if we wanna ruin them, let us. If we paid for it and our parents approve they have no right to make us take them out and waste about about 25-50 dollars on a piercing. They should atleast let us have them in if we have a parent note.

  9. i think earings can be any were on our body as long as itz approprite and not 2 distracting iz our body not no 1 elses sooo i agree with kcasti20,Tyler dullnig, Jalynn Eaton,Nicole Colla, Vanessa Green,Jade Vidal percings should be were eva iz expressing how we are and our personality 🙂 :> 😀

  10. i think you should be alowed to wear pearsings anywhere you want because it is YOUR choice not theirs!Its just another way to express yourself!:)

  11. I Think Piercings Should Be Anywhere On your Body Because Thats Just who you Are N You Just Want Too Do Something You want , We Cant Even Wear Cloths We Want We Have To Wear Uniforms , So Why Not Just At Least Have a Choice Of Percings .

  12. I Think That Wearing Piercings Is At Least Something You Can Wear Besides Braclets, Neckalaces . You Should Get To Wear It Cuz It Expresses Your Personality ! xD Like Me I Have Two Piercings On Each Of My Ears . It Shows Who I Really Am ! 😀 <3

  13. we should keep the rule because kids dont come to school wanting to see gross people with piercings all over them

  14. i DONT think there unusual! i think it is a way to express your creativity (:

  15. i DONT think there unusual! i think it is a way to express your creativity (:

  16. peircings are dumb i dont think they should be aloud they hurt your eirs to i no i dont no how to spell you jelley bro troll face

  17. I believe too much peircing is bad but if you have a few like in your ear, or your bellybutton (they can’t tell you to take it off if they can’t see it),but if it’s in your nose or lip then of course they will tell you to take it off. I mean they don’t want everyone with snake bites, or in their nose. I mean that’s just so tacky, but if it looks good on you then ya keep it in.

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