By: James Nowacek

When testing time comes around, most people go crazy and study all the time, while others try to stay as cool as a cucumber.


When test time comes around this year, there’s going to be a new test in town: the STAAR test.  ‘STAAR’ stands for ‘State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness’. The STAAR test will be timed and it will be harder and longer than the TAKS test. In a recent study 70% of students say that they think they are not ready for the STAAR test, while the other 30% say that they are ready. When asked about if he thinks the STAAR test was going to be harder than the TAKS test Daniel Lopez (7) responded “Yes, because it’s timed and I like to take my time.” Usually Daniel is ready for the TAKS test, but the STAAR test is a whole new problem. Many people don’t like that it’s timed and that it has more questions, but some teachers say that this is a good thing for the students and that it will test their knowledge.

So when test time comes around, don’t worry about the TAKS test, watch out for the STAAR test.

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5 thoughts on “Super STAAR

  1. Hey its anther bump on the road, you have to do it and get over with, am ready!!!

    • yeah it is but alot of people are bad test takers when their underpressure.

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