Oct. 6 Volleyball Game Highlights


If you were one of the lucky ones to watch the Lady Yearlings last night, you saw a great group of girls come together and defeat the Driscoll Defenders 25-10, 25-16.  Through team work and communication the 7th grade A team served aggressively, passed tremendously, set meticulously and attacked monstrously.  Did you get all that?  In other words… defensively Ethany, Mallory, Mia, Ally, Neely, and Chelsea were beasts in the back row picking up every serve and attack coming there way.  Kamryn set up an offensive attack with great foot work at the net.  Mallory and Ethany dominated at the net on offense with many kills and each had two blocks on defense.  Megan, Taylor and Sarah each improved their play at the net with attacks, assists and blocks.  We are jelling as a team and would love to have your support next Thursday at our next home game vs. White.

The 7th grade lady Yearling beastly B team played an amazing game last night against Driscoll. Hannah Hwang and Lina Ferero were flying all over the court to pick up balls, while Brianna Heras, Charlie Avery, Elena Wood and Tionne Henderson served Driscoll off the court.  Bethany Fisher and Brenda Saldana were beasts on the front row attacking everything that came at them!  The girls got so intense; they started “the wave” on the bench! The crowd was roaring when the beastly B team came out victorious! Way to go ladies!

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3 thoughts on “Oct. 6 Volleyball Game Highlights

  1. I’m really excited that im old enough to play for garner yearlings im going to support the garner volleyball team well and show good influences>>!! to all 6th graders and show them garner pride!!!!!!!!!! <3 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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