Boys In Volleyball?

By Alexis Brock

Wouldn’t a perfect world be if boys and girls could unite and work together? Well, at Garner they don’t get the chance because boys are not allowed to play volleyball on our girls’ team. This rule seems pretty weird since girls are allowed to play football, but not everyone thinks it’s weird. In fact, 29% of Garner students and teachers think boys should not be allowed to play volleyball on our girl’s team, while the other 71% think they should be allowed to play on our girl’s team.  Coach Nordman said, “Boys are not allowed to play volleyball. Not because we don’t want them to. It’s because the UIL State’s teams can’t do Co Ed, they have to have their own team”.  According to Coach Nordman, she thinks people would like it at first, but that some girls might get mad because the boys might take their spots on the team. She doesn’t think people would get the wrong message if they played because it takes an athletic person to play volleyball, whether it’s a girl or boy. She also says the girls would think it was fun at first until they noticed they weren’t getting enough playing time. Coach Nordman says that she likes coaching boys, and that she wouldn’t mind coaching boys in volleyball, but she would like to see them on an all boys team.

Matthew Rutault (8) enjoys a fun game of volleyball.

Mrs. Rodriguez (asst. principal) said she doesn’t think boys should be allowed to play volleyball .  She says “I think it would be okay,  as long as the players knew there had to be equality between all players.”