Pac-Man is old? What?!”

By: Juan Vargas (7th)

Most people like Pac-man. It’s been addicting to people since it came out in 1980. Many people say Pac-man is fun because you get to go around eating little monsters. Some people just like old school games. Through the years, Pac-Man’s developers have been making different versions of the game, for example, you can now play Pac-Man on PSP, Xbox and Playstation. Many people don’t play Pac-Man because, as Alana Quiroz (7th) says, “Pac-Man is old”. Although many think Pac-Man is old, others disagree & think Pac-Man is still fun because the creators try to make it different each time. But students like Ryan (7th) say “the first time I played Pac-Man I was 6”. Many students don’t like Pac-man because their peers say that Pac-Man is old or not cool because of the newer games which are more hi-tech than older games, like Pac-Man. Some say that Pac-Man is just too plain for them. Since 3D TVs and games are coming out, no one is paying much attention to arcade games anymore. Most people are buying the new Nintendo 3D or the Kinect for X-box.