Do You Like Reading Class?

“Yes, I love reading class, because I love to read!” exclaimed Chynna Juarez (6).  Maybe some students like reading class, because of either their teachers, or they love to read. Not everyone likes the reading subject though. “I don’t really like reading because it’s boring” mumbled Victoria Rios (6)    According to our survey 47% of sixth graders like reading class, while 43% students don’t really like to read.  6th graders are learning about cause and effect. They have to find examples of cause and effect in a certain book.

For tests and quizzes, students either read their reading book, or go over information that’s going to be on the quiz. “I look through my notes, and try to remember the information, and I study for 30 minutes.” said Chynna Juarez (6).  Many other kids have different reading strategies for quizzes and tests. For instance Victoria Rios (6) said, “I just use my reading book.”

Many students like their reading classes because they like their teachers. ”I like the reading subject because I like the way Ms.Efron teaches, she’s a fun teacher.” Said Chynna Juarez (6) some students look forward to go to their reading class. “I look forward to going to reading because, I actually do like read,” said Priscilla Gonzalez (6)

When students read they get more intelligent, so in the future by reading it’ll help their education.  Also, it’ll help them learn new things, like how to cook, or do experiments, etc. It’s important the students learn cause and effect so they can understand the book more.  It’s also important that you read. You’ll improve your reading skills, and succeed your goals in life.

By: Vivika Eckhoff