Serving Good Grades, Get Served


Have you ever wanted a treat for good grades, behavior, and/or attendance? At Garner, now you can, because every 9 weeks when report cards come out, the kiddos that have 80’s or above, no unexcused absences, and good behavior get nachos, hot dogs, or other tasty treats. It takes place one week after report cards are distributed, and the nachos are served in the 6th grade patio. “We love serving nachos to these amazing students,” says the PTA moms as they sit and eat nachos inbetween lunches. The school hopes that this program will encourage students to get to class, do their work, and act well.

by Jordan

Festival Feast

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and it’s time for a feast. People are stuffing their turkeys and making their famous pumpkin pies, preparing for family members to come and stuff themselves with delicious food. I  went around and talked to Jackson Korynsa and questioned him about this amazing feasting holiday. I asked him what his favorite Thanksgiving food was and he replied “I love pumpkin pie.” He stated “I spend Thanksgiving in Houston.” I also asked him when his family eats dinner and he quoted “I eat dinner in the afternoon.” People all around are ready for a super Thanksgiving.

According to they say that the number one Thanksgiving dish is turkey, and the tenth favorite dish is Pecan Pie. I also met up with Luke Lussier who said “my favorite food is stuffing.” I asked him what his favorite thing to do on Thanksgiving was and he replied “I love to give people gifts to people in need.”

This Thanksgiving no matter if you stay at home or all the way around the world never forget about giving thanks for everything you have.

by Isaiah