Biggest Game In History MW3!

Do you have the most epic game in history?  Modern Warfare 3 has been said to be one of the biggest games to come out. Everybody loved the game that came out before which is Modern Warfare 2 . Since Modern Warfare 3 came out it has sold 9.3 million copies which is more than BattleField 3 which was said to be even better than MW3 . The third sequel in the Modern Warfare came out  November 8th, 2011. While expolring the campain I found out that it is extending from the past game Modern Warfare 2. Many people do not like Multiplayer because the graphics are not that good but the weapons and perks are pretty good. Survival mode is almost everybodies favorite because of intense gameplay.   The day that MW3 came out, many adults and students called in sick just to spend a whole day to play the game.  It’s very exciting, but we want to know what new things do you like about Modern Warfare 3 ? Is it the campain or the new intense survival mode?


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4 thoughts on “Biggest Game In History MW3!

  1. I have played the series and they are extremly good.I have not played this one yet,but I will try to get it when I am on my own.And for the zombie mode in the series are awsome.And can you interview me when you can about teh leagend of zelda. And let me tell you, that game is the most oldy game next to mario. I whould recommend interviewing me for the leagen of zelda. PLLease,this game is AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. MW3 is the most intense and amazing game ever created!!!! try to get somebody to try to make a better game than this sereis.

  3. it is fun and my favorite part is survival but i also enjoy nazi zombies in black ops and im waiting for black ops 2

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