Basketball Starting?


Basketball season is here and just around the corner. Garner Yearlings did well in Football, but now it’s Basketball time. Hopefully we won’t get as many injuries like we did in Football. I asked two boys who are on the Basketball team about how they feel to be on it and if they think they’re good enough. “It’s fun and a good experience, it could help me get my muscles and everything & yeah I think I’m good enough to be on the team” Joey Fiel (8) I asked another source about how he feels about basketball & if he thinks he is good enough for it too. “It’s fun, like it’s good to know I’m on the team because I try my best & yeah, I believe I’m good at basketball because I have been playing ever since I was 7 years old,” said Joseph Zertuche (8). Everyone is very excited to see if our Garner Yearling 7th & 8th grade boys’ will lead us to victory!

By Samantha Alonzo.