The Best Movies Of 2011

By: Isaiah Perkins

Last year was amazing! 2011 gave us many great memories. Some of the greatest things that 2011 presented to us were the amazing movies. In honor of the great movies we looked back at the best ones.

This year will have very big shoes to fill when it your talking about movies; however, I don’t think at all it will be complicated to top 2011. 2012 has already announced the huge news on nearly all the new movies coming out. This includes The Avengers, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, GI Joe:Retaliation. With these movies and more it’ll be a great year for movies.

I went to ask some students on their opinion when it came to movies. I went to 7th grade lunch and saw Jakob Flores who said, “My favorite movie was Cowboys Vs Aliens; it has alot of action.” After I met up with Jennifer Burrowes to see what the best actors of 2011 was, she replied, ” The best actor was Johnny Depp, because Pirates Of The Carribean On Strangers Tide  was really good.” After I was finished with her, I interveiwed Demetrius Walker, and asked him what his favorite movie of 2011 was and he stated, “My favorite movie was The Smurfs.” I then asked him who the best actor of 2011 was and he said, “My favorite actor is George Lopez because he was funny in The Smurfs.”

This year is definetly going to great and extravagant, and the movies will be even better. Nomatter if you like acton, comedy, or horror your in for a great time.

New Students Coming


By Samantha Alonzo.

This year, Garner Middle School has had tons of new students come in. Our total enrollment is at 918.  The more we keep getting students’, the more Garner Pride we have!

How do the new students feel about being at Garner and are they fitting in? “Garner is equal to my old school. I’ve made plenty of new friends and it’s pretty good being here. I miss all my old friends but I’m glad I made new ones here,” says Briana Garcia (8), a new student.    “Garner’s big and better than my old school. I’ve made tons of new friends’ and the teachers’ are nice as well. I’m glad to be at Garner,” says news student, Jolissa Lujan (8)

Risin’ On Up

Last year was a good year. It was a year full of new technology, movies, games, celebrity divorces and most of all, brand new music stars. They arrived fast and made a huge impact in the social lives of individuals all over the world.


According to, the top rising music stars of 2011 were, to name a few, Foster the People, Hot Chelle Rae, One Direction, and Tyler, the Creator but now it’s time for more innovations. When asked if she knew any artists that would burst through this year, Brenda Lopez (8) replied, “Yeah, I know T. Mills will.”  Nicole Colla (8) was asked the same and gave the answer, “I think Kazer might.”

Rising to the top of the music charts might be difficult, but some artists are lucky enough to catch the attention of the audience and break through.

By: Mercedes