High School fun electives

Next year our class of 2016 is going to start a new chapter in life.
They are headed to high school, but they have to make decisions of what electives they are taking for next year. A lot of students just pick the elective for the fun of it, but some think of their future with that elective that they have chosen. Just like Jennifer Bruno. She said “AVID is my favorite elective and I take it because I know it will help me for college and to get scholarships.” Also in high school there are a lot more electives to choose from. People might want to learn new languages just like Frank Hernandez (8).  He said “I would like to take Spanish in high school so, I can talk Spanish with my bilingual friends. “
Some high schools have different electives, but they are all wonderful.  Just be sure to pick something you like.

-Daisy Gonzalez(8)

Escape The Monkies!

By: Conner Nowacek

Escape the monkeys! Temple Run is an exciting new app, where you have to escape demon monkeys. Temple Run is available on the Apple App Store and Android Market.

Temple Run is an adventurous game where you try to get to the end of the temple and get the idol. There are obstacles such as trees and traps. You swipe to turn and jump in the temple to escape the obstacles. You try to get the idol without getting caught or crashing. There are also power-ups such as invisibility, sprint, and 50 coin bonus. You collect coins along the way to add up points. A.J. Moran said, “I like Temple Run beacause it’s different from other games.” Daniel Lopez said, “Temple Run is addicting and fun.”

What Makes You Beautiful

That is the famous title of One Direction’s new single “What Makes You Beautiful” (which came out in September 2011 in the UK) is rising in the charts as we speak. The British boy band was originally on the x-factor and got third place overall, but ended up being the most popular and successful in the end. The band consists of Liam Payne, Zayne Malik, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, and Niall Horan. Emma Anderson (6) has a particular liking to Liam Payne because, “He’s such a good singer and he’s cute too!” Courtney Davis (8) says, “I love Louis Tomlinson because he’s beautiful and has the voice of an angel.”

Alexis Ybarra (7) exclaims, “I absolutely love One Direction! They’re such great singers and they’re very talented!” One Direction is the first UK band in history to have a number one hit on the U.S  billboard 200 on their first album. Although they are known for “What Makes You Beautiful”, around the world fans have their own favorite songs, like Elena Wood, who states, “I love the song “One Thing” because I love the lyrics and they all sound so good in it!” She then adds, with a smile, “Especially Zayne and Harry.” Although not everyone likes One Direction, we all have different opinions on One Direction, like Ariel Jones (8) who claims, ” I’m not a huge fan of One Direction. I mean they are pretty good, but I think they are just going to be another boy band.” Martin (Glenn) Burns (6) defends One Direction and says, “I’m a guy and I actually think they are pretty good singers – it sure beats Justin Bieber!” As you can see, One Direction is making their way around the world (they’re even opening a 2013 tour next year in North America) with billions of fans catching the One Direction Infection, there is no doubt that they are going to be big!

By: Julia Ortiz

Picture from: onedirectionmusic.com (official website)