Kony 2012 Make Him Famous

On March 17, 2012 a video was posted on YouTube. It now has 80 million views and that video is called Kony 2012. This film was made to stop Joseph Kony in 2012. Joseph Kony is a very bad man – he’s done very mean and horrific things to little children in Uganda – that’s why we need to stop him.
The Invisible Children is a group that gets supporters to help bring awareness to the horrific things that Joseph Kony is doing. Kony 2012 has been spread all around the world to get supporters, but the biggest accomplishment they achieved was getting the president to watch the video, and as a result he sent out 100 American military advisors to Uganda. Jason Russell was the co-founder of Invisible Children, and he was the one who directed Kony 2012. On April 20th an event is going to take place called “Cover the Night”. People will cover the streets with anti-Kony propaganda to bring even more awareness to the warlord’s alleged crimes.
“I think Joseph Kony should be stopped from making kids kill other people,” Caitlin Kingsley (8) explains. Coach Xanders expresses what he thinks Kony 2012 is all about by saying, “Children in Uganda are being abducted by Joseph Kony. The children are then forced to kill or be killed. The United States government should take some sort or action.” This is why we need to all come together and stop Joseph Kony by making him famous!

By: Courtney Davis

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6 thoughts on “Kony 2012 Make Him Famous

  1. Very interesting Courtney. I’m glad to see a piece dedicated to world issues thrown in once in a while.
    -Mr. P

  2. HELP those poor kids suffering in Africa they need our help one person can help this event little by little please help Garner students

  3. GARNER STUDENTS!!!! We need to help all those poor children suffering like Victoria Ness said………. WE NEED TO SUPPORT ALL THOSE INOCENT LITTLE CHILDREN!! </3

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