The Big Biomes Book!

As you go along in the year new projects come up, some not so fun and some that you can’t wait to do. Just recently we completed a book made by our lovely seventh grade science teachers Mrs. Hampton and Mrs. Santos, which was called “Biomes of the World”. In the book you write about the tundra, taiga, tropical deserts, etc.You do research on so many different places and learn about its ecosystems. There’s so much to stuff about different places and so many different kinds of animals and plants, these places are just so unique. “I would love to to live in the Rain Forest, because its not to cold and not to hot.” Exclaimed Priscilla Duran (7), “We got to to use the laptops, books, and iPads to help us do research, which helped a lot.” Madelyn George (7) stated, “I loved using the iPads the most, because it’s fun to tap and play with, but still helps me get my work done, too”. I also asked some students if they thought this would help with more test and quizzes, and one responded: “Yes, because I feel like it’s helping me go over important facts, and it’s like I’m studying everything I need to know,” said Edgar Garcia (7). So, now you can thank our amazing teachers for helping you prep for your next test and getting you ready for eighth grade.

by Lauren G.

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