Prepare For The Super STAAR!

Feeling nervous about the STAAR? Doubting that you might not pass? Well, have no fear because there are many ways to prepare.  “First, I make sure I eat a good breakfast, and try not to worry about it, because if I do, that’s no good, because I’ll stress over it, and won’t really focus,” Madelyn George (7) said.  Well, that’s the first step to achieving the STAAR. Eating a good and delicious breakfast. You don’t want to take the test on a empty stomach. It won’t do you any good, now will it?  That was a rhetorical question, so no need to answer it. Also, just like how Madelyn (7) said, don’t stress, it’s not so good.

Are you ready for the STAAR? Daniel Lopez (7) says, “Yes, I am more than ready. I really think I’m going to pass this!” Yes! Have confidence in yourself! Don’t doubt yourself, you’ll be too worried, and won’t focus on your test. “I’m really worried about the math test, only because I’m not very good at it,” Susan Egert (7) says. Just make sure you know how to solve the problems, like fractions, division, proportions, multiplication, etc. You’ve learned it this whole year, so just put all your skills on the test, and prove you know what you’re doing, and you can acomplish anything.

– By: Vivika Eckhoff.