Do You Like to Play Angry Birds?

 By-Juan Vargas

Ever since Steve Jobs invented a mobile touchscreen phone, or as it is now called, the iPhone and iPod, Apple has started to increase in sales and Steve Jobs has been known for having one of the world’s most known companies, “Apple.” Another great mobile touchscreen would be the also very well known “Andriod.” Andriod is known to be made by Andy Rubin. Like the iPhone, the Andriod has a touch screen and has many apps like one of the most famous apps that ever came out, “Angry Birds”. In the game Angry Birds, you have  diffrent birds and each have a diffrent powers. Angry Birds is a fun and addictive game for the whole family, especially the new Angry Birds in Space. Mason Williams (7) said, “Angry Birds is fun because each bird has a special power.” Angry Birds has many guides that help you if you’re stuck on any level. Mason Prevost (7) says, “Angry Birds Space is way more exciting than the first Angry Birds.”

Yearbooks Are Coming!

“I look forward to looking at how everyone’s picture came out, and all of this year’s memories,” said Jackie Tamayo (7)
The yearbook includes quotes, memories, students, teachers, and the best of all, pictures!
Pictures! They’re probably the things that everyone is looking forward to in this year’s yearbook. In the yearbook we have pictures from Red Ribbon Week, Halloween, football, basketball, tennis, golf, track, etc.
“I haven’t reserved a yearbook yet, because I keep forgetting, but I am most definitely buying one this year!” says Susan Egert (7). 
“I picture the yearbook to be very colorful,” says Briana Heras (7).
The yearbook has a theme called “Dream, Think, & Do.” The background is black, and has 3 pictures on the front. Be sure to buy one this year, so you don’t miss out.  If you pre-order it, you will get before anyone else when they come in at the end of the year.  You can order online at
-Vivika Eckhoff