Draw Something, One Of The Most Played Games!

This year a new game on the iPhone called Draw Something is on top of the charts, it’s number 2 on the most played games. Draw Something really gets the brain working, so to play this game you have to have a brain! Anyone can play this game, it’s simple, easy, and enjoyable, so I would recommend getting this game.
Typically this is how you play the game: all you have to do is get another person to play, and you draw a picture and the person you’re playing has to guess what you’re drawing and that’s all. The cool part is if you can’t guess what the person is drawing you can buy bombs and the bombs helps delete some of the words to help you out a little more. There’s 3 kinds of pictures you can draw: there’s easy, medium, and hard pictures, but what you should draw is the hard pictures because you get 3 coins and so they keep on adding up as you keep on playing and that helps you get bombs and different kinds of colors. It’s that simple!
The sad part is if you want to play Draw Something you have to have an iPhone or an Android, beacause  those are the only phones that have the game. Nico Ramon is one of the players of Draw Something and he says, “I like how the artist gets to interpret the word and draw it… it’s just fun and you should get the app today!” Mrs. White explains, “Last month was the time I started to play it, because my brother-in-law was playing it and he showed me.” So there’s many people that play this game, even adults like to play it too. One day, I know this game will be the number 1 game that people play.

By:Courtney Davis

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One thought on “Draw Something, One Of The Most Played Games!

  1. I agree it’s really fun ,and yes you have to have a Ipone to play it 🙁
    But it’s still a great game.I like your work:)

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