Apple’s New Creations : iPhone 5 and iPod 5

White iPhone 4s Black iPhone 3Gs


By-Juan Vargas

Apple’s new generation of technology, the iPhone 5 will be able to be pre-ordered online in Apple’s website September 14, 2012 or possibly be bought in stores September 21, 2012. The price will start at $199 and end at $399. The new iPhone will have a longer retina screen but will be skinnier. For the first time in Apple’s 5 years of making its famous “iPhones” Apple will change the cord to charge it with. The charger will be smaller, instead of having just two microphones it will have three little microphones on the bottom of the phone. One feature that people really like is how you can take HD screenshots right from a video. Another change that people really like is that they will change the headphones with a better design. These improvements are the reason people think the iPhone 5 will better than the iPhone 4s. Ian Gonzalez (8) says “I am going to get the iPhone 5 because its design and screen looks cool.”

There is also a rumor that there will be an iPod 5 with in all new design for the headphones. The iPods will also come in colors like Red, Purple, Black, White, Blue, and Green. The New iPod will now also come with “Siri.”.These are Apple’s new Creations the iPhone and Ipod 5.

Have a Heart and Donate

Do you have piles of books you don’t use? Books you want to get rid of but you don’t want to just throw in the trash? You can bring them to school and donate them to PALS from September 17-21!

You might be wondering, where do I take my books, what kind of books can I bring, or, who can I give my books to? Well no worries, because the answers to your questions are right here. During your lunch period, you can take your books with you, and the PALS will be in the cafeteria waiting for your books. PALS are looking for new or gently used children’s books that you don’t read anymore. Books like Harry Potter or The Hunger Games can still be brought.  Another big question you might be asking yourself is, “Why are the PALS having a book drive?” Mrs. Rodriguez (PALS teacher) said, “We are having a book drive to donate to the H-E-B literacy program. H-E-B will donate books to children across San Antonio.” What is the H-E-B literacy program? “ It’s a community service project where H-E-B  is helping to shape a child’s mind by encouraging to read to a child at least three times a week. H-E-B launched their literacy program collecting new or gently used books to give to children in need. H-E-B also hosts book reading events within their stores.” Said Mrs. Rodriguez.

The PALS want to thank you for supporting the H-E-B literacy program and for donating your books!