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Code Red, Code Red Garner Yearlings aren’t having a fun time this Red Ribbon Week; why? “I don’t think it’s very fun or exciting on Thursday or Friday for Red Ribbon Week. On Thursday we can wear our favorite spirit shirt that we can wear any day we want and on Friday we wear college shirts like we do every Friday. It’s NOT fun and NOT fair!” says Adrianna Rico (8). Yearlings know that Red Ribbon Week is meant to show students how much fun people can have being sober and yet the kids aren’t feeling the hype. Yearlings have come up with really interesting ideas to replace the current Red Ribbon Week agenda. For example Valente “Taco” Rodriguez believes that, “Instead of spirit shirt day we could wear red shirts, ties, and bows.”

Another suggestion was that Garner should follow in other middle schools footsteps. While yearlings were wearing college shirts, students at Driscoll M.S wore tie dyed clothing and peace signs for “Say Peace out to Drugs.” Other students at Garner, in peaceful protest, wore regular shirts instead of spirit shirts because they could wear spirit shirts any day they wanted to and it just wasn’t “special”. How can Yearlings be excited to be drug free when Garner doesn’t give something for them to be excited about? Hopefully next year Garner will really celebrate being drug free with theme days that don’t encourage  a “Code Red”.

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Target Closer Than Before

October 14, 2012 the new target by opened up and many people strarted going there instead of Walmart or the  Target all the way in Forum. The store is very well organized and everything is of good quality. Targets are always located next to places that lots of people shop at for example Ross and Dots. Mason Prevost (8) says ” I like Target because it’s where I always shop and now its closer.”

Target has always been nice to to schools and does many fund raisers for the schools in its community.

Horrifying Students

Mrs. Frazier’s students being disrespectful and going bananas

By-Christian Torres

Horrifying Students

Every day of the week can be a terrifying day for teachers. They have to deal with the madness of their students and many teachers have had many complaints about their students. Who could blame them since it’s the last year for our fellow 8th graders, they especially go bananas. Also for our 7th and 6thgraders, they both have a little bit of a wild side in them. Luke Jowers (8) said he talks during class because it’s his last year at Garner Middle School so he “wants to get on teachers nerves.”

Mrs. Frazier, the marvelous theater arts teacher in Garner Middle School, says many of her students are “very disrespectful and rude.” She says  not all of them are bad, but several are rude and mostly ignore her. She has reported this problem to the administration, which has warned the students, but the students refuse to listen.

Jose Lemus (7) says he feels bothered when students act up in class and interrupts the teacher. He says this should really be taken care of because it is messing with his studies. Also he feels bad for the teacher.  “He/She doesn’t deserve students disrespecting them.”   Remember your teachers have feelings and feel pain too.