What Colorful Feet

Here at Garner we have a variety of students with different personalities. Everybody prefers something different to have on their feet. Here are some creative, colorful, and fun shoes students wear!




Bethany Lockett (8) likes Converse because, “they’re light weight and are easy to waer-in.”




Nike tennis shoes




Pink Sparkly TOMS
Clara Rodriguez (8) looks for rainbow shoes because, “then they would go with everything.”


Slides and Nike socks


“I love Chacos because they’re very comfy.” – Miabel Self (8)



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7 thoughts on “What Colorful Feet

  1. I love shoes, whenever i get a new pair i would wear them untill i get a new pair!

  2. Everyone has a different style and dieferent personality i like this story bacause it says were not all the same<3^.^

  3. i like the nikes i want them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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