Call of Duty : Black Ops 2 Better Than the First?

Call of Duty : Black Ops  2 will be coming out November 11, 2012. Black Ops 2 will have different Multi-player modes , it will still have the classicss like “Team Death-match and Search and Destroy” but it will also a new mode called “Multi Team”. Multi Team is a mode where there is three teams with at least three players and all three teams will be facing each other. There will also be a mode called “Escort” in witch you have to escort one of your’e team mates to a location with out being killed. “Drop Zone and Kill Confirmed will return to Black ops 2 but unfortunately” Infected” will not. Black Ops 2 Will also have new features for example when you are playing in a “Multiplayer” game people that are not even playing will be able to watch your game and even listen to what your’e team is saying. In Black Ops 2 There will be 15 Prestige’s and 50 ranks. The “Kill-streaks” will practically be the same but instead of the “RC-XD” There will be a new perk called “Heat Vision”. Heat Vision is a perk that you attach to you’re weapon and allows you to see through walls but the attachment is only for “Primary” weapons not for “secondary” or Shotguns. The Campaign will be in the year 2025 and everything will be futurestic. Something that everything is waiting for is the new Black Ops 2″ Zombie Mode”. There is a “rumor” that Zombies will be able to be played by 8 people online. On the “Zombie Mode” The players will be in a “Bus” and you travel to diffrent destinations and you cant let the zombies in the bus or I assure you they will make you get “Down” and its its pretty hard revive someone in a crowd area. You can Pre-Order Black Ops 2 in any “GameStop” There is a “Special Edition Care Package” that you can buy it comes with Call of Duty Black Ops 2, a toy helicopter, the Black Ops 2 “Soundtrack” and many More! Call of Duty Black Ops 2 will probably sell many copies.