Halo 4 Part 2: The Writer’s Knowledge

We are back and are more in depth in the Halo 4 story than ever because we have gotten some questions answered personally by one of the writers of Halo 4.

Mrs. White used to play an online game with a game writer and maintained a friendship with her over several years.  She managed to get the scoop on Halo 4 for us.  The writer, Lindsay Morgan Lockhart, had this to say, “The characters are definitely evolving. You’re going to get to know Chief much more as a person…” And if any of you were wondering Lindsay had mentioned this about the location of your game play. “It’s mainly taking place on the Forerunner shield-world Requiem. People who saw the legendary end of Halo 3 saw a glimpse of this world.” What’s the new threat? Some of you might be asking this question but luckily our good friend Lindsay was nice enough supply us with this information as well. (Master Chief is finally confronting the Forerunners, as a group known as the Prometheans have been awoken).  It looks like we’re going to be in for quite an exciting ride with these new Halo 4 developments.

Some of you may be wondering how Lindsay got into this super cool job.  “I’ve been writing my whole life, publishing stories online as well as in print. I also studied creative writing in college. I’ve also been playing games since I was young and created mods for games I played. To be a game writer, you have to demonstrate that you understand how to write for games. The most important thing to understand for that is that game’s story isn’t told just in dialogue or cinematics or the obvious places. A game’s story is about tying all of the details of a game together in a consistent way that immerses a player in your world by creating engaging narrative,” she said.

No Gum!

Do you chew gum? If you do, gum isn’t allowed on campus because people tend to put it under the desks or under the chairs. Most of the people here at Garner chew gum and get caught with it, while other people are just plain sneaky at chewing gum.
When asked, what do you think about the no gum policy, Sam Rirzarry (6) said, “I think it’s fair because if someone sticks gum on the wall, it’s disgusting!” While Sam has that opinion Kyle Eakle (6) says “I don’t like it because I like to chew gum.” Michael Ellis (6) also agrees with Kyle. He said, “I think it’s messed up because I think you should be allowed to chew gum!”
When asked, do you chew gum on campus, Joey Nowecek (6) said “I chew gum, but I chew it secretly.” Noah Paveglio (6) said, “I don’t chew gum because I don’t want to get in trouble by the teachers.”
If you are a person that loves to chew gum, you’d better do it at home because there’s no gum allowed on campus.

A Fun After-School Hangout

Do you need a new place to go after school that’s close by, has activities for you, and has other people your age there? Your solution is right next door! After school many Garner student and students from other schools gather at the Tobin Library, right next to Garner. Janelle Owens (8) decided,” My favorite part about the library is that I can hang out with my friends.”  Afraid you won’t know anyone there? Don’t be, if there is the unlikely chance that you know no one you can make new friends in their after school activities. An anonymous 8th grader says,” My favorite part about going to the library is on Tuesdays and Thursdays they have activities.” I know you’re dying to find out what activities this eighth grader  was talking about. Those activities are called Teen Time and Tween Time. Teen time is on Tuesdays from 4:00-6:00pm for 13-18 yr olds. Tween time is on Thursdays from 4:00-6:00pm for 10-12yr olds. Both events are supervised by David Gallin-Parisi, a librarian, artist, designer, and instructor. The library closes up at 6:00pm every day. Next time you need to go somewhere after school to hang out, the library is always there.

Janelle Owens (8) at the Tobin library entrance