No Gum!

Do you chew gum? If you do, gum isn’t allowed on campus because people tend to put it under the desks or under the chairs. Most of the people here at Garner chew gum and get caught with it, while other people are just plain sneaky at chewing gum.
When asked, what do you think about the no gum policy, Sam Rirzarry (6) said, “I think it’s fair because if someone sticks gum on the wall, it’s disgusting!” While Sam has that opinion Kyle Eakle (6) says “I don’t like it because I like to chew gum.” Michael Ellis (6) also agrees with Kyle. He said, “I think it’s messed up because I think you should be allowed to chew gum!”
When asked, do you chew gum on campus, Joey Nowecek (6) said “I chew gum, but I chew it secretly.” Noah Paveglio (6) said, “I don’t chew gum because I don’t want to get in trouble by the teachers.”
If you are a person that loves to chew gum, you’d better do it at home because there’s no gum allowed on campus.

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