Sixth Grade Advice Column

Hey all sixth graders, are you having troubles in class or having trouble finding friends? Well, here is some advice to help you.

If you are having troubles in class here is what you should do.

First, if you are having trouble understanding what your teacher is assigning  raise your hand up as high as you can raise it. Don’t be afraid because when you raise your hand and ask that question you might be a life saver because other students might have had that same question.

Second, if you’re being distracted by the person sitting next to ask your teacher about it because you might help another person succeed in class.  Most likely the teacher will move the student, and the student most likely will be quiet.

Third, if you think you’re not at the level the other students are at tell the teacher because you could get extra help and that will cause you to succeed.

Now let’s talk about friends. If you’re having trouble finding friends here is what you could do.

Fist, you could look around and see what group of people fit you the best.

Second, you could walk into a classroom all confident and people might want to know why you’re so confident and go up to you and talk to you. That will start a conversation, and that could be your future friend.

Third, you could just be you and that could set off a signal that will tell them that you could be a good friend.

That’s some advice for your troubles in class, and with friends.


Written by Johnathan Estrada

Start the Year in Skates

Fun, exciting, and full of lights, the 6th Grade Skate Party took place on Wednesday October 3, 2012. The sixth graders got to spend time with their friends and skate their hearts out!

There was a blackout skate time, where you could skate in the dark; there were also a couple of races. Ethan Schweninger (6) says that he enjoys the blackout skate because, “it was easier to skate, and more fun to skate, in the dark.”   Kids could purchase food and fun lights to put in their mouth and around their necks.

Lauren Wheat (6) says she was looking forward to the party because, “I finally know how to skate, and I won’t fall on my butt!” There were about 5 injuries, overall, but none of them were that serious. This year’s Skate Party was a great success!

The PTA sponsored skate party is a great way for students to have fun and get to know each other better.  These 6th graders have a great start to their year!


A New World

Tony Garza (7) walks back to class and belives that celebrating Columbus Day is important.

NO SCHOOL on Monday!! Do you know why? Columbus Day always occurs the first Monday of October. It became a national holiday in 1937. Do you know why we have it off? “Yes, because that was the day Columbus found America,” said Tony Garza (7).

Do you think we should not have Columbus Day off, and make it a day to learn about him?  “Yes, it should be a learning day because a lot of students don’t know why we celebrate Columbus Day” said Tomesha (7).

“No, I think we should keep it as a holiday because it is important to celebrate the discovery of America,” said Felipe (7).

So if you are going to celebrate Columbus Day, be sure you know why you’re celebrating.