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Crazy socks, ties, and twins everywhere you look, what on earth could be happening? Red ribbon week of course! Why do we celebrate red ribbon week? Red ribbon week originates from special agent Enrique “Kiki” Camarena, a DEA officer, who sacrificed his life to stop drug trafficking. In memory of him his family and friends bore red ribbons; red was his favorite color. Soon enough more and more people began to catch on to this new tradition and eventually grew to a national scale. Now every year, for a week, people in schools and communities gather to celebrate in drug free activities and remember “Kiki”. This year red ribbon week is on October the 22nd-26th.

One person that, like Camarena, wants to stop drug use is Alexis Moreno, a member on the Council of Alcohol and Drug abuse. She came to Garner M.S. on October the 15 to talk to the Yearlings at the Red Ribbon Assembly.  She says, “I want to educate the community as much as possible.” She believes that educating people about drugs and alcohol will prevent drug use in the first place, and she has been educating for 5 years. This assembly wasn’t meant

Enrique “Kiki” Camarena

just to give us the ugly facts and statistics. “The assembly will get our school excited to be drug free” said Janelle Owens (8), before the assembly.  But wait, are you still wondering about Garner’s fun activities? On Monday the 22nd Yearlings can wear ties, Tuesday you can dress like a twin with a friend, Wednesday you can wear crazy socks, Thursday a spirit shirt, and Friday you can wear a college shirt. This red ribbon week will be a blast!

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