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Code Red, Code Red Garner Yearlings aren’t having a fun time this Red Ribbon Week; why? “I don’t think it’s very fun or exciting on Thursday or Friday for Red Ribbon Week. On Thursday we can wear our favorite spirit shirt that we can wear any day we want and on Friday we wear college shirts like we do every Friday. It’s NOT fun and NOT fair!” says Adrianna Rico (8). Yearlings know that Red Ribbon Week is meant to show students how much fun people can have being sober and yet the kids aren’t feeling the hype. Yearlings have come up with really interesting ideas to replace the current Red Ribbon Week agenda. For example Valente “Taco” Rodriguez believes that, “Instead of spirit shirt day we could wear red shirts, ties, and bows.”

Another suggestion was that Garner should follow in other middle schools footsteps. While yearlings were wearing college shirts, students at Driscoll M.S wore tie dyed clothing and peace signs for “Say Peace out to Drugs.” Other students at Garner, in peaceful protest, wore regular shirts instead of spirit shirts because they could wear spirit shirts any day they wanted to and it just wasn’t “special”. How can Yearlings be excited to be drug free when Garner doesn’t give something for them to be excited about? Hopefully next year Garner will really celebrate being drug free with theme days that don’t encourage  a “Code Red”.

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