Do you have your cells?

Seventh grade science students have been learning about cells. They now have to do a cell project. They can either do a presentation about cells or a real life example of a cell.

Facebook Apps of Interest

Facebook is a site for games and those games are played by millions of people from any age group all around and can be played whenever the user chooses. Here are some student’s opinions on the Facebook apps.

“I prefer to play War Games, I guess,” says Giovanni Guevara of the 7th grade. Madison Garcia of 7th grade says, “I prefer to play strategy games” which is her take on the apps.

“My favorite game is ‘Dragons of Atlantis,’ says Gregory Barba of the 8th grade. There are still debates over which is the most popular app but will be found soon. Post your favorite Facebook game or just your favorite genre of games you prefer to play.

Nuclear Power: Atomic Rival or Supportive Ally?

An uncontained Nuclear Power Plant putting off pollution. Image From:

Nuclear Power, efficient friend that doesn’t leave your side or deadly enemy that could kill thousands? Julia Ortiz (8) asks, “Is Nuclear Power an abundant energy source that has endless supply, or is it a destructive power source that can contaminate our environment for generations?” Nuclear Power is a very hot discussion traveling around the world right now. It has its pro’s, like being inexpensive, but it also has con’s, like it’s after – effect, deadly radiation. Do you think nuclear power is helpful, or do you believe it will end all life on Earth?

Many people believe nuclear power is not the smartest choice of energy because it is so harmful. For example, one after – effect of nuclear power is its waste product, radiation. When radiation gets out, it can cause death. If an earthquake occurs, the power plant can have a meltdown and radiation can leak out, causing many deaths. In March 2011 a colossal Tsunami and earthquake struck Japan. This caused a nuclear power plant to have a meltdown. Radiation poured out and an entire city became contaminated. Everyone had to evacuate. Many people died before they could leave.

On the other hand, nuclear power can be very useful because it is a renewable resource. Many Fossil Fuels are running out, so scientists are searching for an alternative energy source. Nuclear Power is cheaper to produce so it doesn’t run out as quickly as Fossil Fuels. Because it is a greenhouse gas, it does not emit pollution when well contained. Nuclear Power could be the world’s newest source of energy.

Everything comes with a price; nuclear power is inexpensive, but its consequences can be very expensive. The amounts of nuclear power are a thimble per person, per year, multiplied by the number of people in the world. If you think about it, that adds up to a lot!

There are positives and negatives to utilizing Nuclear Power. Lina Forero says, “It’s a good source for energy crisis, but there are too many risks!” We care about our children’s future, so we should be against nuclear power due to all its dangers. But then again, should we be for it, so that when there’s no oil left, they will have an energy source? Is nuclear power our foe, or our life saver?