Scary Haunted Houses

decorated house for halloween

Have you ever been to a haunted house? Or do you plan on going to one? Now that Halloween is around the corner many haunted house are being put up by the community. Also around the city such as. The 13tvh Floor, Nightmare on Elm Street and many more.

Rebecca Archer (7) was asked if she liked haunted houses. Her response was “Yes”. She was also asked what she might find so scary about them. She said,’’ The part where I might have to use the bathroom in my pants and the scare excites me.”

Jonathan Estrada (7) was asked if he has ever been to a haunted house. He said, “Only once.” He was also asked what makes him want to go to one. His response was, “To see what they have and also see the new characters they come up with.”

Haunted Houses are something everybody might want to see. Have a great Halloween and hope you get a good scare.

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  1. Omg Ambriance this is a very intresting article i say laughing!!!!!!!!!!

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