3, 2, 1-Ignition: We Have Halo

Halo 4 is out now! A roar of excitement from students here can be heard for miles.

“I would stay home to play Halo 4 because it’s like Halo Reach but with better firefights,” says Hashim Mirza 6th grade.

Kids will stay home for Halo after so much excitement this season. 8th grader Ishmael Cancel says, “I think Halo 4 is a beast game because it has a better game play.”

Eighth grader Rori Hommand says, “Yeah, I like the new changes because Halo 4 changes are just amazing. The story is great, and the graphics are better,” A well rounded opinion.

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3 thoughts on “3, 2, 1-Ignition: We Have Halo

  1. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is a lot better than Halo 4.
    The Nuke town is even better than the last, and the plot of the story mode is very intrsting.
    The zombie mode has gotten even better, and you can play non-stop.
    Halo 4 has an intresting plot line, but I don’t really see the awesomeness in it.
    Its like Slenderman and Amnesia.
    Slenderman is fun, and sort of scary if it is your first time, but it sort of gets old when you’ve played it to it’s extent. All your doing is finding papers that he supposidly wrote to keep you out of the woods, and trying to run away from him.
    Amnesia is a lot scarier, and has an AMAZING plot line. Intead of just looking around for papers in the woods, and running away from someone; you have hide from multiple monsters, face insantity, do puzzles to keep you sane, understand flashbacks, and figure out what each exact noise is to understand whats comming for you. You also have to look at everything, and make sure you don’t miss any clues.
    I’m just saying, but its exactly like that.
    Halo is like Slenderman; it’s a good game, just isnt all that intresting when you have played it so often.
    Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is like Amnesia; it had a great plot and is a lot of fun no matter how much you play it.
    Now this is only my opinion, so if you dis-agree, thats fine.
    It’s your opinion just like this is mine.
    So.. Yea. .__.


  2. I agree with cat but all of the Halos are meant for a one time play through of the story line or else it does get boring. Halo is loved for the multiplayer gameplay and graphics it provides along with the evolution of the game modes when going against others.

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