New Year’s Resolutions

Nate Levine (7)

2013 WELCOME!  Now that we don’t have to worry about the “world ending” we could move on and welcome a new year. Many people around the world are making New Year resolution’s such as: eating healthy, saving money and plenty of others

Maria Garza (7) was asked what was her New Year’s Resolution was, and how she was going to accomplish this goal. She exclaimed, “My New Year’s Resolution is to be a better student this year. I will study more, pay attention in class and do my homework in order to accomplish this goal.” Lastly she was asked, why she doesn’t think most people stick their goals. She responded saying, “ I think that temptation gets the best of them. For example, when your resolution is to lose weight and you see a huge juicy burger with donuts on the side.”

Danielle Delgado (7) was asked what her New Year’s Resolution was, and how was she going to accomplish this goal. She said, “To be more active, and I will accomplish this goal by riding my bike and walking.” Finally she was asked why she doesn’t think other people stick with their resolutions. She responded, “They probably feel they can’t accomplish it.”

Even if you slip on your goals, let’s all be glad and welcome a new year and what it has in store for us.

Garner Plans It Out

Garner Agenda book

This semester Garner supplied the students with a spring 2013 Student Planner (agenda book). Students can write in their agenda what they have been doing all through the day in their classes. The agenda also comes with a calendar that shows the holidays and special events that are coming up. Some students say it’s great having an agenda because they can be more organized.  If a student forgets if they had homework or not they could just look in their agendas. Lauren Galvan (8) says, “I don’t like the new agendas because it’s more work.”

Gissell Alcazar (8) says, ” It takes away time but I does make me more organized.” Agendas are useful to some student but others find them annoying to be carrying around. Overall, though, students should feel a little more organized as they begin school in 2013.

7- Eleven Slurpees


Many people have been heartbroken since 7- Eleven left San Antonio.  Most of these heartbroken people state that 7- Eleven made their childhood worthwhile and that’s why they were so devastated to see it go. A 31 – year – old graphic designer named Eli Turin said that he was disappointed when he moved from Arizona and didn’t have a chance to taste a delicious 7 – Eleven Slurpee (Mysanantonio. Com).

But all that is going to change so buckle down because 7- Eleven is back in town. Buying convenience stores all around San Antonio to satisfy their Slurpee loving customers.  And now 7- Eleven now owns 39 Speedy Stop and Tiger Market stores in Bexar County, adding to about 31 convenience  stores in Alamo City that the company acquired from San Antonio- based Tetco Inc. last year. 7- Eleven is back and in full business so scoot on down to the nearest 7-Eleven, and get a refreshing Slurpee.