Jenna Vega (7) Sooner fan bickers with Sarah Veltri (7) A&M fan before the Cotton Bowl.


On January 4th 2013 in Arlington Texas, the A&M Aggies took on the Oklahoma Sooners. A&M took a quick 7-0 lead when Johnny Mainzel ran it in the in zone. Oklahoma drove the ball down the field but couldn’t find the in zone so they kicked a field goal for 3.

In the second quarter the Sooners got a quick three points. Johnny Mainzel responded with another touchdown! The Sooners offense drove the ball down the field and Landry Jones threw a six yard dump to Justin Brown to make the score 13-14.

The Oklahoma Sooners didn’t score one more point the whole game, and A&M just went off. The final score was 41-13. The Heisman Trophy winner, Johnny Mainzel was a big factor to A&M’s win. Johnny finished the game with 2 throwing touchdowns, 2 rushing touchdowns, 17 carries and 229 rushing yards, and 287 passing yards. Tony Garza (7) said “It was an awesome performance!” Congrats A&M on a great season!

Who wants presents?

Over the two week break, there’s always something everyone’s looking forward to. To some people it’s sleeping late, others it’s doing nothing, and some it’s watching TV. But we all can agree that the most exciting thing is getting presents during the holiday.
Over the holiday break lots of kids got different presents, but what are some of your favorite presents you got? When asked what kind of presents she received, Ambriance Scott (7th) had exclaimed, “I got a lot of awesome presents but my favorite one was my new phone.”

When asked if she loved all of her presents she got, Rebecca Archer (7th) had said, “I love them all, they are just so great and I got what I had wanted.”
Well it looks like everyone got what they wanted for Christmas. We can’t wait for next year for more laughter, more excitement, more sleep, and more presents!

All Cracked Up: What’s happening to the surface of our Moon?

Did you know that there are small cracks all over the surface of the moon? They are moving at 1/20,000th of how fast a snail moves! The crust of the moon was fiercly bombarded and is very distraught. These cracks are filling with magma, which is making the moon bigger! Here is a link to the official article at Time.com. http://science.time.com/2012/12/06/all-cracked-up-a-surprising-look-inside-the-moon/