Garner Tennis is ‘Racqueting’ It

Mason Prevost (8) serving at a match.

What rhymes with partner Venice and is an awesome sport? Garner Tennis of course! Tennis started the week that Yearlings came back from Winter break. Tennis practice is held at the Garner tennis courts Monday-Friday from 3:45 to 5:15 pm. This spectacular sport is coached by the fabulous Mr. Saam, an 8th grade Science teacher. Tennis is serving up some real fun. Just ask Mason Prevost (8), he says that, “This year is really fun and amazing, just like last year!”

So far Garner has gone to two tournaments and one match. I bet you’re wondering how the tennis team is coming along. Mr.Saam says “There has been lots of improvement in people.” With a coach like Mr.Saam and students with this much talent, other schools don’t stand a chance!

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2 thoughts on “Garner Tennis is ‘Racqueting’ It

  1. I Love Tennis! Yay! I am Playing Tennis and the Season has been going GREAT! Wahoo! Goooo Yearlings!

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