Writing For the Future


Written by Johnathan Estrada

Texas writing coach is a great source to work on your writing skills. It is mostly being used in Texas by all school districts because of its spectacular accuracy that helps better educate kids with their English needs.  It also provides you with vocabulary lessons so that  you could build up a strong foundation of vocabulary for your future to come. Xavier Ray Estrada (8) stated that Texas writing coach is a great source for him because he sometimes has trouble with his writing and puncuations skills he feels that writing coach is like a private teacher that helps him with is personal weaknesses when it comes to writing

     Mrs. Summey, the (7)  grade  English  teacher   also  stated that she likes Texas writing coach because she thinks that it is a fun way for students to improve their writing skills.  She also thinks that the videos on Texas writing coach are very helpful to the students because they explain it. So if you have some spare time, head on down to Texas Writing Coach and wrustle up some good writing skills.



Students Decide

Garner students are getting their choice sheets, so they can pick what classes they want for next year. As you know sixth graders can’t be in any sports this year but next year when they are seventh graders they can try out for sports. Eighth graders can now pick the classes they want for High School next year. Mason Prevost (8) says, ” I don’t know what to choose for next year.”

There are many great classes to choose whether you’re staying in Garner or going to MacArthur next year, but one thing is for sure, it’s you’re decision.

Spreading Hope

Ashlyn Prieto (8) looks styling in her new HOPE Shirt. She was super excited to wear this shirt and support foster children.

By Ava Schweninger (8)

Imagine having no parents and living in an orphanage with little water and clothing. Would you enjoy that? Probably not. Chloe and Will are two orphans from China in Foster care. Garner’s Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) is doing a fundraiser to help support them. The flyer reads as follows:

“Garner FCA is conducting a fundraiser to sponsor two children in China that are currently in foster care. FCA is attempting to raise enough money to support their care and keep them from having to go back to the orphanage. “HOPE”fully these children can find a mom and dad of their own some day. The profits from the sale of these shirts will go directly to sponsoring these two children. Help Chloe and Will “HOPE” for a brighter future!”

These shirts are uniform approved, so you can wear them to school. They are red with white writing, and have handprints on them to remind us of the children. Miabel “Mia” Self (8) is the inspiration and coordinator behind this mission project. She told the FCA group, when presenting this idea that, “My sister came from this orphanage and I wanted to make a difference in someone’s life. I wanted to give them HOPE!”

There are many shirts left, although sizes are limited. There are a lot of mediums and larges, and a couple smalls and extra–larges are left. You can stop by the Choir Room and ask Mrs. Silva (the Garner Choir teacher), or any 8th grade FCA member for an order form today! As Dr. Seuss says, “Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”