Wacky Commercials

Juan Vargas enjoying the Super Bowl commercials

Written by Christian Torres

Wacky commercials

The wackiest commercials happen annually during the Super Bowl. Every year there are commercials promoting cars, restaurants, insurance companies, and chips or candy. For example, one of the most liked commercials was about Coca-Cola. It started off by sending a message to the people that everything is not what it seems. Juan Vargas (8) says he loved watching the commercial about Coca-Cola and it touched his heart.

On the other hand there were also some pretty disliked commercials. For example the China Jordan (8) doesn’t really like watching the commercials and really didn’t like the one about pistachios because she doesn’t like pistachios. One of my favorite commercials was about the brand of car Jeep and how their cars bring people home from the Army it was very touching and heartwarming. Still, many people enjoy watching the wackiest and inspiring commercials this year.

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