Kristian Gaona (7) and Milton Washington (7) are game ready.

By Nate Levine

          Your 7th grade A team Basketball squad is playing in a tournament here at Garner on Friday January 31st and the 2ndof February. The game costs three dollars to get in. The first game is in the main gym at 6:30 against Lopez Middle School. “To beat Lopez we are going to have to play like a team, play hard, rebound, and someone needs to dunk it,” said Amadeo Cantu-Trevinio (7).

When garner wins, they play on Saturday at 10:15am at Garner. If we lose (which we won’t) we play at 9:00 at Garner. “We are going to have to prove that we have what it takes to win.” says Evan Dupre (7).  Come and support your Garner Yearlings!!!

New Security Measures In Place

After the Newton, Conn. school shooting, things have change around our school.  Quite recently the school districts have been taking new security measures by closing and locking all of the gates as well as locking all of the doors to the classrooms. This is a secure system, but are these measures too much?

Johnny Thomas (8) had this to say, “The new security has made it hard sometimes to get back into the classroom after going to do something.” Now there’s one student who thinks the new security has made things difficult but others agree with this view.

Manuel Moke (8) agrees with the new measures by saying, “I agree with the new security measures because it could help prevent what happened in Connecticut.”

There are arguments over the new security but they are here to stay and are here to protect you.  Weigh in on this discussion by posting a comment.