Wrestlemania 29

Wrestlemania the greatest of them all

By Christian Torres

Many people tuned into Wrestlemania 29, and by many I mean 80,676 people attended the greatest show of them all which was held at Metlife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. There were many great matches which included wrestlers like John Cena, Big Show, The Rock, The Undertaker, Cm Punk, Triple H, Brock Lesnar and many other great wrestlers. It was the biggest stage of them all and it was their one chance to shine. Also many people wanted their favorite wrestler/s to win their match.

Emilio Quirino (8) says he enjoys watching wrestling and his favorite wrestler is the Undertaker, which holds a streak of 21-0 at Wrestlemania.

On the other hand Mariah Estrada (8) says she thinks it’s weird that they just fight with each other, but her favorite wrestler is John Cena and her favorite match at Wrestlemania was between Ryback and Mark Henry.

Wrestling is fun for some people and not for others, but if you’re that person who enjoys wrestling check out Wrestlemania 29.

It’s Time To Have Fun!

Battle of Flowers Parade

We’ve waited this long for it to finally come, but Fiesta is finally here. April is full of Fiesta and it’s time to bring some friends or family members to go out and have a good time with each other. Fiesta is a festival held in San Antonio field a fun, exciting events such as Battle of Flowers Parade, Fiesta Carnival etc. we celebrate Fiesta with the Battle of Flowers Parade to honor the heroes of the Battle of the Alamo, and ever since then Fiesta has become a huge success for San Antonio.

Any other questions or concerns about the San Antonio Fiesta visit their website. http://www.fiesta-sa.org/   

Many people enjoy going to the San Antonio Fiesta to hang out with friends and family and have fun. Therefore, many people were interviewed about what they felt and thought about it coming up.


Lyssandra Archer (7) was asked if she excited and she exclaimed, “Yes, I am because I love having fun, and I love seeing everyone else be happy, having fun, and partying.” Finally she was asked what she looked forward to for Fiesta she proceeded to say, “I look forward to all the cheering, all the similes, and all the confetti!”

Elizabeth Fisher (7) exclaims, “Yes, I am excited for Fiesta because it’s a fun time of the year and everyone always have fun. I look forward to having fun with my friends and having a good time.”

Let the countdown begin to having fun, hanging out with family, and most of all FIESTA!

The Next Generation of Gaming

The PS4 Logo

Written by: Christian Torres

The Playstation 4(PS4) has been very hot topic especially because Sony released some actual photos of the PS4 Dualshock controller which is very interesting. The Dualshock 4 controller has some new features to it for example it has a built in speaker, a touch pad, headphone socket , share button to share any accomplishments you have made in a instant. The release date has not yet been confirmed but it has been said to be released the holiday of 2013.

Myara Jennings (8) says she isn’t really interested in the PS4 because she owns a XBOX but still thinks it’s very interesting.

Christopher Jordan says he can’t wait until it’s on sale he is going to be the first one in line to purchase the PS4.

Many people are dying to know what it will look like. What’s the price? When will it be on sale? If I had the answer to all these questions I would tell you but I don’t. You’re going to have to wait like the rest of us.