An Evening With Strings

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Evening with Strings is an annual music event that brings together 3,800 students from fifth grade schools, middle school orchestras and combined NEISD senior orchestras for three nights of awesome music on April 8, 9 and 10.  On April 8th, the Johnson, Roosevelt, and MacArthur clusters (which included Garner) performed. On April 9th, the Churchill and Lee clusters performed, and on April 10th, the Madison and Reagan clusters performed. All performances were at 7:00 P.M. in the Blossom Athletic Center. When asked how she felt about being at this fun event, Felicity Zorola (7) replied “The experience of Evening With Strings for me was fascinating. It always has been since I’ve sat in the stands and watched my brother play, till now”. Preparation for this event included several before and after school rehearsals, and lots of practice at home. Overall, the Garner orchestra students did a fantastic job performing “Rhumbolero” along with “Danse Bachannale” with the MacArthur orchestra. Great job orch dorks, and keep up the fabulous work!