Kevin Ware is a student athlete at Louisville University. He is on the mens basketball squad. Louisville made it all the way to the elite eight in the national tournament, and was facing Duke to advance to the final four. Louisville was doing good keeping the lead. Then Duke’s guard, Tyler Thorton shot a three, and Kevin Ware flew in the air contesting the shot. Tyler hit the shot and got back on defense like a normal play. Kevin Ware landed on his knee wrong, and pounded the bone through his skin. The crowd stopped cheering, and all of his teammates busted into tears, and all you heard from Ware was, “Win the game! Win the game!”

After Ware was taken out of the gym, Louisville didn’t stop playing. They worked even harder, and finished the game beating Duke 85-63. Louisville advanced to the final four where they play Wichita State. In the game Louisville wore shirts stating all in for #5, and rise to the occasion dedicated to Kevin Ware. Louisville beat Wichita state 72-68 advancing to the national championship. Louisville faced Michigan in the national championship. Michigan had the lead most of the game, but Hancock from Louisville hit four threes back to back bringing the Cardinals back into the game. Louisville ended up winning against Michigan all for Ware. Kevin Ware got to cut down the net, and the Louisville Cardinals were crowned national champions.

My Chemical Breakup

My Chemical Romance- A band made up of legends. Their music will forever live on, but they won’t be releasing any new music. This band consisted of Gerard Way (lead singer), Frank Ireo and Ray Toro (guitarists), Bob Bryar (drums)(the original drummer Matt Pelissier left), and Mikey Way (bassist).  The band broke up on March 22, 2013.

Emma Cote’s (8) MCR merchandise.

Many fans are upset with the news about the split, but most are coping. It’s been a hard time for rock fans lately. An idolized rock figure from another band, Mitch Lucker, died September 1st. Then Mikey Way (MCR’s bassist) got engaged to a model while his then wife was pregnant, which made many MCR fans upset. Rosalina Navarro says, “It’s been a bad year for rock.”

Resulting in the band’s disbandment several unstable fans of MCR committed suicide. Emma Cote (8) says, “I understand where they are coming from but, they went way too far. It’s stupid but also sad.” This isn’t the first time MCR has been blamed for the death of a fan. In 2008 a young girl hanged herself believing that was what MCR was all about. People then started to point fingers at the band. Contrary to what they thought, the band had been speaking out against suicide. Many fans argue that MCR is about saving lives, not ending them.

Oh Yum Nutella!

Do you know what the best thing to eat is? In case you don’t know it’s Nutella! Why? Well, for starters it’s really yummy and second, only crazy people don’t like Nutella!
When asked does he like Nutella, Cade Sheeren (6) had said, “I love Nutella because you can put it on anything and it tastes amazing!”

A lot of people like Nutella, especially Devony Turis (6) she had exclaimed, “I really like Nutella because it tastes like a mixture of hazelnut and peanut butter.”

Also Cade Sheeren had exclaimed, “I would love to eat Nutella everyday because you can basically put it on everything!” Devony Turis also agrees.
While Cade and Devony love Nutella, others disagree with them. Rebecca Archer (7) had said, “I don’t like Nutella because it tastes so gross!” Most people don’t like it because they don’t like chocolate or just because they dislike the flavor. But that’s their opinion, so that’s alright.
If you don’t love it, you can always try it and say you’ve tried something new. Just as it says on the label, “you can’t say you don’t like it until you try it.”