Teen Wolf: Season 3…This Might Hurt.


Scott being “drowned” in one of the Season 3 trailers.




In Season 2, Jackson finally became a werewolf after nearly losing his life, Scott and Allison broke up, Derek Hale recruited Erica and Boyd to his wolf pack, Lydia suffers from chronic hallucinations after being bitten by Peter Hale, and much, much more. If you thought Season 2 was great, then get ready for Season 3! The season premiere will be on June 3rd, just in time to kick off summer. Come prepared with popcorn and tissues, because this season is going to be REAAAAAALLY INTENSE! “I totally can’t wait!” exclaimed Victoria Flores (7). This season, the fandom will be saying goodbye to Jackson, and hello to 5 new cast members. These 5 new cast members will consist of a new alpha pack, that will the Beacon Hills supernatural community apart. The season premiere will be in 11 days, and fans all across the world cannot wait a single second longer!!  Characters will be put to the test, in a tough battle between good and evil. No wonder the trailers say “This might hurt”…

Are You Ready For Summer?

3, 2, 1, SUMMER!

With STAAR testing done and over with, Garner students can barely wait for this glorious time of year to begin. 8th graders are gearing up for high school, 6th graders are preparing to be in the middle of everything, and 7th graders are getting ready to be the new leaders of Garner. But before all this happens, there’s a time period where our skin gets darker, our drinks get colder, and life gets better; otherwise known as summer. Ah yes, summer…whether you like to relax on the beach, go to fun concerts, or just chill at home, there’s not a single doubt that summer is the perfect time to get rid of all the stress from school. No more tests, quizzes, grades, teachers, just summertime fun. Sadly, school isn’t over just yet. We still have approximately 9 days left of school, so don’t give up! Take care of all your missing assignments, get your grades up, and keep doing well in your classes so you won’t have to worry about summer school. (Because that’s no fun!) When asked what her plans were for the summer, Catherine Hittson (7) explained “I plan on going to Warped Tour, it’s going to be awesome!” So whatever you’re going to do during the summer, stay safe, have fun, and remember: don’t give up yet!

Spurs lead their Way to Semi-finals

March 16, the San Antonio Spurs Beat Golden State 94-82. That was the Spurs 4th winning game leaving Golden State with only three wins. The Spurs played an intense game and was able to beat Golden State in their own court. So far the Spurs have swept The Lakers and beat Golden State 4-3. Sunday, March 19, at 3:30pm the San Antonio Spurs will play the Memphis Grizzlies as their first out of seven games in the Semi-finals. The San Antonio Spurs are in 1st place in the western finals and right behind them in 2nd place is the Memphis Grizzlies. Ishmael Cantu (8) says “Spurs will defeat the Grizzlies, go Spurs go!”