Go Spurs Go

The best team in the NBA, the San Antonio Spurs

By Christian Torres

Go Spurs Go

The San Antonio Spurs have been on a roll since they made it to the playoffs. The Spurs had to play the Los Angeles Lakers in a total of five games but there was no need for a fifth one because the Spurs had one the first four games which meant the Lakers are not making it to the semi-finals. There is also a treat whenever the Spurs win. The corner store Valero gives out free coffee or hot chocolate, which a lot of people enjoy.

Sergio Espinoza (8) loves when the Spurs win because he can enjoy a nice free cup of hot chocolate. But Emilio Quirino (8) doesn’t like the Spurs. He prefers the Miami Heat because he likes visiting family there.

The Spurs are doing great this season and are hoping and fighting to win the championship.