Paintball Massacre

By Christian Torres

Paintball Massacre

 Paintball is fun the only bad thing is getting hit by a paintball. Ethany Cosby (8) says it hurts it feels like getting stung by a bee, also the place she went to play paintball is called Krossfire which is one of the most popular paintball places in San Antonio.  But Zachary Sarabia (8) has another description, he says it feels like someone putting a one inch needle between their fist and punching you as hard as they can. The place he went to is called Greenacres which is a mix of other activities no just paintball. Other than the pain it’s really fun to get out there and shoot your friends and just have a good time. But before you get out there be safe and always have protective gear because you wouldn’t want to get shot in the face.

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