Swim Team Season

We all can’t wait for summer to be here! We also can’t wait to go swimming, or swimming on a team. You may not know it’s the swim team season and a lot of us can’t wait for it to start.
When asked, if he enjoys swim team, Sam Irizarry (6) he had exclaimed, “Yes I do I like it because I think it’s really fun to do.” Mia Retault (6) says, “I like swim team because you get to see all your friends, but I like competing more because it’s exciting to see all your competition and just swim!”
Noah Paveglio (6) and Griffin Cordy (6) both like swim team because, “It’s really fun and it’s a great workout!” Their first swim meet is June 1st. For now swim team is meeting every day after school except for Thursday, and it’s from 5 to 8.
If you love swimming, then you should try the Regency swim team. Who knows, you may even like it.

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