Thinking Pink

Think Pink

“Let’s beat down breast cancer. They need to find a cure and fast,” says Mrs. Ferree (7th grade math teacher).

Breast Cancer is very serious. Almost 2,000 women die from breast cancer a year just in the United States alone.  Breast Cancer is a very bad illness and hopefully there will be a cure.

You can show your support and wear pink all October because it’s National Breast Cancer Month   Doctors say that there can be a cure but they just haven’t found it yet.

“Breast Cancer sucks  and I wish it never existed and that there was a cure,” says Amaya DeLuna (7).

Mia Retult (7) says “I hate it so Much!”

A High Thrill Adrenaline Ride

Long boarding is an adrenaline powered high speed thrill ride sport! Long boarding got big in San Antonio 2013 because new long boarders and shops were opened.
Bradley Bruno (7) a long boarder at GMS he says that long boarding is, “intense!” and Cody Krywoszej (7) is also a long boarder at GMS he says long boarding is, “fun and exhilarating and anybody can do it.”
When long boarding there are certain things you can or cannot do such as sliding, downhill racing, free ride and many other things that you can do.
The downside is that it’s extremely dangerous and expensive. You can get hit by cars, get nasty road rash if you crash and the prices of the equipment that are related to it are through the roof. On the upside it is extremely fun and exhilarating.
From research, people around the school, are saying that there are so many hills and places where it is perfect to long board such as Siedel and Haskin.

What is UIL?

UIL competitions are similar to band or orchestra students going to a concert where they go to show off their skills.  UIL may seem boring and not cool, but some people like going to competitions studying math, calculator skills, dictionary skills, and social studies. They use their brains to generate awards.

  “Honestly I joined UIL because it’s something else to do after-school, and I like going to competitions,” says Grace Kim (7).

Mrs. McDonald and Mrs. Feree are the teachers who supervise UIL.  Certain teachers coach different subjects for UIL.  Students can choose what skill they are going to learn and use at   competitions.

UIL stands for University Interscholastic League, its purpose is to organize/ supervise contests that help students for citizenship.  Also it exists to provide leadership and guidance to public schools debate and athletic teachers.  UIL has grown into the largest inter-school organization of its kind.

There are 2 competitions any body in UIL has to compete in.   Many more competitions exist, but there are only 2 people have to compete in.  Most competitions are recommended to people.  Also there are 2 championship competitions that are really hard.

The people in UIL meet  up different teachers for their skill they are learning to use at competitions.  Most practices are after school, but some people meet up in the morning.

UIL is a part of after-school activities because it’s just like orchestra or choir, debate sometimes you have to stay after school to practice or to help out its part of the organization.  Also it’s a good time to practice.