Isaac Trevino (Staff Writer)

As the beginning for Isaac Trevino’s year in seventh grade and part of the Garner Gazette, Isaac is excited to write about comic book segments and would like to interview a few people that are in sports. He enjoys reading books about Dinosaurs and studies Dinosaur related things. Isaac is a pure original Texan and excited to be a middle schooler. Isaac also likes to make stuff such as comic books and drawing related things. What he believes is that, “There is no racism, for we are all human.”


Ethan Gibbens (Staff Writer)

Ethan is a member of the news staff who collects computer parts. His favorite place to visit is London, England. His favorite book is Jurassic Park, his favorite movie Jurassic Park , and his favorite author is Michael Crichton the writer of Jurrasic Park.  He likes dinosaurs. His favorite music genre is Rock n’ Roll. In the paper he wants to add a technology article. His favorite subject is science because it is interesting and his other elective is Theater Arts. Ethan says, “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”

Fun fact: He has his own gigantic computer that he built himself.