A High Thrill Adrenaline Ride

Long boarding is an adrenaline powered high speed thrill ride sport! Long boarding got big in San Antonio 2013 because new long boarders and shops were opened.
Bradley Bruno (7) a long boarder at GMS he says that long boarding is, “intense!” and Cody Krywoszej (7) is also a long boarder at GMS he says long boarding is, “fun and exhilarating and anybody can do it.”
When long boarding there are certain things you can or cannot do such as sliding, downhill racing, free ride and many other things that you can do.
The downside is that it’s extremely dangerous and expensive. You can get hit by cars, get nasty road rash if you crash and the prices of the equipment that are related to it are through the roof. On the upside it is extremely fun and exhilarating.
From research, people around the school, are saying that there are so many hills and places where it is perfect to long board such as Siedel and Haskin.

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