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People have been asking this question for years;”What’s better, Apple or Android?’’ Here are some facts to help you answer the question for yourself.  Apple, a multimillion dollar company, owns roughly about 44.9% of the market, while Android, also a multimillion dollar company, owns roughly closely to 44.8% of the market, according to Google.                   Steve Jobs died on October 5th, 2011. Lauren Wheat (7) says, “I’m sad because he should have had a better doctor.”

So now what is the Alpha phone? According to students at Garner MS 77% say apple is better  Henry McClure (7) says “I like apple because It’s legit.” And 23% say android and Lyle Bartels (7) says “I like android because it’s better than apple.”

Which has better battery life Apple of Android? 92% of students believe android has better battery life leaving apple with 8% of students.

Finally which is more simple to use Apple or Android? According to 95% of students say apple is easier to use leaving android with 5% of students. In conclusion most garner students prefer apple over android but, most garner students did say Android had better battery life. Post in the comments what you think the alpha phone is.

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  1. I would probly choose android over apple because of the crashes caused by updates

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