Go Garner Volleyball

Our Garner Volleyball team is doing well beating Nimitz with both A team and B team in each grade. They practice after school and their wins and losses motivate us here at garner to support them.

Daniela Montengrow (8) (Go Team) says,” I joined Garner Volleyball to be part of a team like a second family, and that’s what I got.”  She Also stated that “I think this will be good were going to try our hardest”

Jade Brookbank (7) (B Team) states “I joined Garner Volleyball for the fun and excitement.” She also said, “We practice every morning at exactly 6:15, and if we don’t try hard it could show that Garner is a weak school but Garner is a strong school.

So in conclusion, Garner will try its hardest to beat all who challenge Garner athletes

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