Stuck Up

Almost every person has heard of duct tape or has some. They have so many types of duct tape its crazy. But did you know that duct tape was originally only black then it went to grey.  It’s all different kinds of colors and styles.

“My favorite kind is cheetah print,” says Dezimen Lugo (7). Some people decorate their binders, some make flower pens, some make wallets and bows too. “I duct taped my TV !” says Amaya DeLuna(7).

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3 thoughts on “Stuck Up

  1. I have a friend in my 6th and 7th period class that has duck taped her binder and it looks super cool. It has at least 5 differnet types of tape on it. The same girl also made two purses, one shoe and a wallet all out of duck tape! Shes very talented:)

  2. Omg I love duct tape and who ever Amaya is WOW !!!!! Ur tv that’s soo cool and how much did u go through?!?!:)

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