Twin Wars

Mr. Gaffney is a 7th grade Texas History teacher here at Garner. Many folks know that he has a twin brother named Martin and that they are both football coaches. Mr. Gaffney’s twin brother is a Kruger coach. They are playing against each other on October 16 at Garner from 4:30 – 7:00. Mr. Gaffney says if Garner wins his brother will be very upset with him but if Mr. Gaffney’s twin wins then he would be very upset , but they will still love each other. Mr. Gaffney , Carlos Ruelas (7) , Talee Hill (7) , German Bolanos (7), and Brendan Hail (7) all think they will win against Kruger . Mr. Gaffney said he will not be talking to his brother the day of the game because he always does but he doesn’t want to feel the tension.”No matter what happens we will still be best friend” Says Mr. Gaffney. Carlos Ruelas (7), Talee Hill (7), German Bolanos (7), and Brendan Hail (7) says they are going to feel excited about stepping onto the field to go against Krueger and they feel it’s going to be fun to go against their coach’s twin because it’s going to be a different game. “Watch out for Garner” says Carlos Ruelas. “Watch out for the Yearlings” says Talee Hill. “Get off the tracks Garner train coming through” says German Bolanos. “It’s going to be a great game” says Brendan Hail. Let’s get ready Garner football team it’s going to be the best game of the season. Watch out for the Gaffney Bowl !

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