Top YouTubers of all Time (according to me)

YouTube is a place for you to laugh and enjoy the videos many people work hard to make. Kids spend a lot of time on YouTube, but which channels are the best for kids? Which should we be allowed to watch at school? Here are mt top 3 channels we should be allowed to watch at school and Home.

3. Hishe- Known as How It Should Ended, this channel makes parodies of movies. Griffin Korte (7th) says he watches their show” because they are awesome and it’s creative because he gets celeb to do their voices in his (animated) videos.” They do funny videos lots of people can enjoy.

2. Tobuscus- He is a YouTuber who makes funny videos,vlogs,creative videos like his Dr.pepper 10 advertisment which is animated like his new I-Phone game where you fight zombies. “He is funny and creative through his animated videos”, says Cody Krywoszej (7th)

1. Asap Sceince- A team of  scientist tell people things you dont know about yourself or others,like how to lose weight and how we could stop the sun from buring us alive  in 1 billons years. I watch them because I find out stuff like,which came first chicken or egg?

Brr-Cold Weather

               “I like the cold weather, “says Jade Brookbank (7).  It was cold Thursday and Friday, but now it feels like it’s getting warmer. The days go on and off from cold to warm to extremely hot. Everybody at school was allowed to wear non-uniform jackets.

It was cold all over San Antonio, very cold, and this cold front came from nowhere. It was cold at Garner Middle School, so cold in fact you could see air coming from people’s mouth. Everyone was wearing a Garner hoodie or a jacket.

Thursday and Friday was very cold and then on Saturday and Sunday it was warmer during the day. Monday is slightly cloudy and windy. “I didn’t even have to wear a jacket on Monday,” says Grace Kim (7).

On the news Wednesday night they said a major cold front was coming Thursday and possibly Friday. A cold front is something that doesn’t happen much it Texas because usually it’s extremely hot in Texas.

Katniss Returns

Many of you have read the Hunger Games series and now the movies are coming out. If the books were good, just imagine how good the movies will be.

Catching Fire is going to be the best movie of the year.” says Dezmien Lugo (7).

“Can’t wait to see Catching Fire in the I max 3D,”says Jade Brookbank(7).

Everyone is lining up to get their tickets to go see Catching Fire on November 22. What a great way to start the winter with an amazing movie, some candy, popcorn, and a nice cold refreshing drink. No movie is going to compare to  Catching Fire. This movie is always getting good comments and also great ratings. So let’s get ready to sit, watch, and relax at the best movie of the year because it’s going to be amazing.