Socks on a rampage

this is a group picture of a lot of socks at GMS on crazy sock day.

At GMS people are wearing multicolored high socks. These high socks are a new trend; people wear these socks for comfort in sports or a trendy look for school.
Nike high socks often have padding which makes them very comfortable. They will usually be for basketball or football. The Adidas on the other hand have more of tight fit because they are made for soccer. Cody Krywoszej (7) says, “Nike socks are so comfortable.”
Joey Nowacek (7) says, “Nike makes the socks so padded you don’t have to wear comfort insoles.”
Many people wear these because they are so dang comfortable! The Nike socks have a dry fit and if you start sweating in the socks it will feel dry, you can find them at Academy and Sports Authority and they are priced at 12-15 dollars a pair. They also have a very unique pattern.

–Griffin Korte

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